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|Youth Dance Company Auditions! |


Youth Dance Company Auditions WEDNESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER and 7 OCTOBER 2015
PORTAL 4.00 – 5:30pm and LINK 5:30-7.00pm
All our Youth Dance provision provides members a fantastic opportunity to train, create and rehearse new dance works and meet other young people with a passion for dance. Dancers will represent the county at performances curated by both dancedigital and other local partners. PORTAL (Ages 7 – 12) LINK (ages 12+)

Auditions are free of charge. No need to prepare a dance, just ask them to email us their interest with the name DOB and contact details to gemma.wright@dancedigital.org.uk
ALL CLASSES HELD At Alec Hunter Academy, Stubbs Lane, Braintree, Essex CM7 3NR

| dancedigital FutureNetwork |

The impact of new technologies means there is need for highly skilled creative thinkers. This spans many occupations from Science, Computing, Engineering, Arts, Media and Management that are intensive in creative tasks and directly associate with technology. How can we prepare young people for this? FutureNetwork can ignite this working method.

Read more about how this will work.

| formXtended |

Since March this year dancedigital is researching and developing a software for SEN schools. The endeavour is funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts – Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Our great team is working together with Columbus School, Chelmsford, Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City and Oakmere School,Potters Bar. Have a look and meet the team. Or follow us, if you like.

|Hertfordshire Youth Dance Company make it to UDance 2015|

InPulse performed this year at U.Dance 2015 in plymouth: please visit to view 

For more details about the dance company see Learning and Participation Herts

| Things we like |

Google’s mobile-augmented reality game Ingress just ( well, today-14.07.14) launched for iOS devices.
The title’s story centers around The Enlightened and The Resistance, two factions who compete against each other to unlock clues about a mystical technology. Events in the game progress in real-time as Google delivers new clues each week, while players claim local landmarks in the real-world to earn points for their respective team. One might ask if the thing with the augmented reality goes anywhere, but hey 😉